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For Attorneys, Parenting Coordinators and Minor’s Counsel
Dr. Moran specializes in high-conflict divorce cases in which a child is unreasonably resisting or refusing contact with a parent. Consultations are available to​

Assess intervention needs and develop an intervention plan


  • Review background documents

  • Interview family members

  • Consult with legal and behavioral health providers involved with the family

  • Report treatment assessment findings 

  • Recommend interventions with general treatment goals for each family member

Expert Testimony


  • Types of Resist Refuse Family Dynamics

  • Parenting skills, personality and other factors related to onset of Resist Refuse Dynamics

  • How alienation can co-exist with domestic abuse

  • Treatment interventions for resist refuse cases

  • When a change of custody is needed 

  • Selection of appropriate intervention providers

Review Resist Refuse Evaluation Reports


  • Appropriateness of evaluation procedures

  • Psychological test selection and data interpretation

  • Whether opinions offered are supported by evaluation data

  • Whether treatment recommendations are appropriate

Litigation Support Services


  • Assist case formulation

  • Selection of evaluators and interventionists

  • Preparation of questions for examination of behavioral health professionals

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